Support Throughout Pregnancy And Beyond

I help overwhelmed women face the challenges of motherhood with confidence.

You can’t remember not feeling overwhelmed. Life with baby has been harder than you ever imagined it would be. You would love some sleep, but when you are given the opportunity, you can’t turn off your brain. The laundry keeps piling up, the bottles need cleaning, and your husband keeps asking if you are ok.

Caring for baby is no walk on the beach, and, to be honest, neither is looking for a therapist!

You are physically and emotionally drained.

Sometimes you even question why you ever had a baby. Of course, you love your tiny bundle of joy, but you do wish you could press pause on your life and just have a break. And you will scream if one more person tells you to cherish every moment.

Other moms seem to have it all figured out, so what’s wrong with you? You wonder if this is what postpartum depression feels like.


Guess what, no one has it all figured out. Becoming a mother turns your whole world upside down. Whether it’s postpartum depression or anxiety, or whether you are simply a human being who is adjusting to the biggest change you’ve ever experienced, you could use some support.

The good news is you don’t have to take another step alone.

It's your turn . . .

. . . to be heard,

. . . to breathe,

. . . to be REAL.

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