Rewire Your Anxious {New Mom} Brain!

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

2019 Can be the year you learn to manage your anxiety With tools that work (yes, even for exhausted Mamas!)

Do you ever feel like your brain and your emotions are conspiring against you?

Some of us have always been worriers. Maybe you’ve functioned until now by channeling your anxiety into achieving your career goals. Or maybe pregnancy unearthed some obsessive-compulsive tendencies that had previously been hidden away. Whatever the case, group therapy can be a very powerful tool in finding healthy ways to cope.

Based on Rewire Your Anxious Brain, by Catherine Pittman, PhD. and Elizabeth Karle, and part support, part therapy, part book club, this group will provide:

  1. Connection with other women who get you and the isolation, frustration, and insanity of motherhood.

  2. Information about where all this anxiety starts (guess what, it actually does have a purpose).

  3. Strategies for taking charge of the worry, intrusive thoughts, and panic.

Motherhood is full of anxiety-provoking moments. Couldn’t you use a few tools to help you through it? Your brain is right there in your skull just waiting for you to train it to use its powers for good!


  • Investment: $500 prepaid at time of registration (payable by credit card via IvyPay, a secure, HIPAA-compliant credit card processing app and may be split into two separate payments).

  • Price includes one individual intake session (new clients only), 6 weekly group sessions, where we will discuss and practice brain-changing strategies for a lifetime of anxiety-management.

  • Babies are welcome, but ideally I’d love for your group experience to be part of your self-care time, distraction-free. Of course, I understand that childcare plans sometimes fall through, so I’d rather you bring baby along than have to miss out on a session.

  • You can purchase the book, Rewire Your Anxious Brain, here.

  • Dates and times to be announced based on needs of registered members.

Click below to request more information about signing up. We’ll schedule a quick phone call so I can answer any questions and get you registered. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!