Moving Through A Loss

You thought you'd feel more like yourself by now . . . 

The sympathy cards have nearly stopped trickling in. You've thrown out the last of the casseroles. You even managed to write a few thank-you notes.

But then there is nighttime. 

It's the absolute worst. There's something about the quiet, stealthily approaching darkness that suggests the rest of the world is moving on without you. Sometimes it makes you want to scream. Other times, it makes you weep. The scariest thought is the persistent suspicion that there's a piece of yourself that is gone forever.

And you're right.

Your loss has changed you forever, and one step at a time, you will learn how to redefine your sense of self, your meaning, your expectations. 

You will never forget, but you will heal. Grief counseling can help you move through this painful experience in a healthy way.

Photo by petradr on Unsplash

Photo by petradr on Unsplash

Photo by  Jeremy Cai  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash